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For you to successfully move forward in cold waters.

How I can support you?

Cold Water

  • You want to identify critical situations for yourself or your organization well in advance and leverage their power in a positive way - both in leadership and communication?
  • You spot potential reputational risks and want to address them in order to intercept and avert them as early as possible?
  • You want to counteract the increasing disconnect between internally experienced reality and external perception ("greatwashing")?

You don't want some clever tips, fancy tools or interchangeable concepts?
 You don't want superficial advice that then leaves you alone with putting it into practice? 

Together we will work out what really matters to you personally or makes you you – and we can do that for your organization, too, by focusing on on existing strengths for a sustainable implementation. 

For authentic and credible positioning instead of empty phrases.
 For individual touch and effective implementation.

Cold Water

  • You want to strengthen your presence, mental attitude and impact in communication?
  • You want to convey your messages clearly and in a way that is relevant and convincing for your target group?
  • You want an efficient and effective investment in high-impact communication that also speaks for you and your strengths?

You don't want an artificial approach with polished statements? 
 You don't want platitudes without a clear stance?

Together we will work out your story and your presence. So that content and appearance match perfectly and  inspire your audience.

For a convincing and successful performance.
For a presence that feels solid - even when the going gets tough.

Cold Water

  • You want to clearly articulate your needs and goals (professional & personal) and thus achieve them more easily – by activating your strengths and living your values
  • You want to understand yourself and your reactions in situations and relationships better, to make them more productive –  especially those that interfere with your advancement?
  • You want to equip yourself for setbacks – also when dealing with difficult emotions?


You don't want superficial templates or standards that address symptoms?
 You don't want fluffy questions that you can look up yourself?
Together we will work result- and action-oriented with your goal in mind - in utmost discretion and the necessary depth for sustainable effect.
For a solid inner anchoring for stability and stance instead of short-term remedies.
 For a clearly aligned inner compass that provides direction amid greatest uncertainty.

Cold Water

  • You would like to book me for a keynote, impulse, discussion, or short hacks?
  • You want my practical insights on how to stay agile in adverse cold waters and successfully move forward – from one who experienced and mastered this? 
  • You want not just expertise and experience, but also personality and approachability? 

You don't want a high-level lecture?
 You don't want a glossy presentation?
Together we'll explore how much individual touch is needed to inspire your audience. You'll get all my experience, not subject to confidentiality.
For impulses that stir and resonate with the power of real-life knowledge. 
 For a refreshing breeze that inspires and gives momentum for your current challenges.


What's in it for you?

Customizend. Profound. Value-Creating.

Change and crisis competence in combination with effective communications are key competencies for successful future-oriented leadership in these turbulent times.

This is where my core competencies will become your advantage: 

  • Strategic corporate communications – especially in times of crisis and change 
  • Purpose based management positioning 
  • Facilitating cultural change in a national or international environment 
  • Coaching of executives and teams in transformation processes 
  •  Implementation and support of strategic corporate communications 


You would like to be a step ahead with meaningful decisions and advance faster? 

I support individuals or organizations to live their values, to build on their strengths and thus to be successful even in difficult times. 

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