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Mirjam Berle

“Cold water gets warmer, when you move in it!”

The Power of COLD WATER

Empowering individuals and organizations to see any change or crisis as an opportunity for growth and turn it into success by using their strengths and values - that's my passion and my profession.

With me by your side, you will transform the cold waves of crisis and turn them into the biggest opportunities of your life – while living your values and successfully activating your strengths! 
I know what it takes to make it work and feel meaningful.
 Because I know cold water with all its currents, shallows and adversities from my own experience and have successfully mastered it many times. 

By working with me you can access this knowledge and find your very own individual answer – especially in leadership and communication. 

So that you can move forward faster with the right decisions – especially when things are rough. 

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Do you want to detect potential crises when times are good and turn them into opportunities that will benefit you or your organization? 

Make a sustainable investment in yourself and your crisis competence so that you can keep a cool head even in heated situations and remain in a position to act. 

Do you want to prevail and advance in turbulent times with personality and attitude? 

Find out how you can not only rise up for what truly makes the difference, but also hold your ground in the face of headwinds and find the right words to speak up. 

Do you want to successfully leap into cold waters and safely navigate them? 

Learn how to not only appreciate your strengths and values, but how to successfully activate and scale them. As a result, you can make yourself and your expertise tangible and move forward more quickly. 

Do you want to leave (toxic) waters unscathed and upright – simply because they are not good for you? 

Take your exit story into your own hands and translate it into winning communication. This will help you strengthen your positioning, your reputation, and your value on the job market. 


"Working with Mirjam was revelatory for me. She brings a unique perspective and way of working with clients, insightful and poetic, that instils courage and a strong belief in the possibility of change. This is modelled in her own life and by her impressive achievements, a highly successful person, who is motivated, down to earth and beyond all else- caring. I would recommend Mirjam highly to anyone thinking of working with her as a coach. It will bring great benefit to your life.“  

– N.P., Executive in a challenging situation caused by the pandemic – 

" Mirjam was incredible. She guided and challenged me in equal measure - enabling me to access inner thoughts and feelings I had kept hidden away. She used imagery to help my connect with some difficult feelings and to reframe my outlook on life. By the end of our sessions, my head and heart were connected and I had an inner strength I had never felt before.“

– J.S., Executive in difficult personal and professional situation – 

"Mirjam coached me for 6 months to help me think through what I value in a job, my career goals, and how to take on and keep new responsibilities at my company. The whole process was excellent. Mirjam introduced me to some brilliant tools that helped pin down my coaching objectives and clarify my values. She was very observant and insightful, summarising and clarifying what I said during the sessions and posing the right questions which helped get to the heart of the issues. I now have a much clearer sense of what I want from a career and how to have honest and effective conversations with managers which will help me to get there.

– J.D., Leader seeking professional orientation – 

"Mirjam coached me on my way to myself, to my professional, but also to my personal goals. 
Our conversations were oases of trust and openness for me, in which it was only about me and my needs. Mirjam's intuition for people and the right amount of guidance brought me without pressure and yet noticeably a little further on my path in every session."

– L.H., CEO and founder on the leap on the leap to the next level of success – 

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